Eric Mays Net Worth 2023 | How Rich Is Flint Councilman ? Know His Age, Career, Wife, Legal Issues And More

eric mays net worth
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Eric Mays Bio/Wiki

Name Eric Mays
Profession Politician ( Flint City Councilman )
Date Of Birth 16 September 1958
Birth Place Flint, Michigan, United States
Education Graduate
Citizenship American
Religion Christian
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Zodiac Virgo
Maritial Status Married
Wife Megan Ritchie

Who Is Eric Mays?

eric mays

Eric Mays is a councilman on the Flint City Council for Michigan’s First Ward. Mays is often active during council sessions, frequently coming back at his critics with direct remarks or witty comebacks and engaging in explosive outbursts. As a result he ended up being taken out of the meeting four or five times.

For example, in January 2023 Mays was escorted out of a council meeting after hurling racial epithets. Also, in October 2023 he was bodily ejected from a meeting and followed up with lawsuits against city officials and police for violating his first amendment rights and the Open Meetings Act.

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Early Life

Eric Mays is a Michigan councilman, serving on the Flint City Council’s First Ward. Flint, Michigan is where he was born and raised. Eric was born a Christian, in a middle-class family that struggled to provide him with the best possible choices.

He was educated in Flint and currently lives there too. Eric Mays serves in a number of roles for the city, and is one of Flint ’ s councilmen. Still, his political life has been marked by controversy and ardent pleading on behalf of those he represents.

How Old Is Eric Mays? Eric Mays Birthday


Eric Mays is 64 years old. Although Eric’s appearance and frame would be befitting of a man in his 50s (at the time this article was written).

Eric Mays Career

Eric Mays is a city councilman for Flint, Michigan. He represents the First Ward on the City Council. For more than a decade he has been engaged in active politics and became City Council member in 2013 by only eight votes over candidate Anita Brown.

In that post he served four years. In 2015, when Mays ran for mayor of Flint Michigan he faced off against the current incumbent Dayne Walling along with businesswoman Karen Weaver and Councilman Wantwaz Davis. Mays has served in many capacities around the city, among them being a former vice president of the councilmen and chairman of financial committee.

But he was successfully removed after making a Nazi salute to the leader of another council and comparing her to Adolf Hitler in public. Mays has a long history of outbursts and arrests. A veryrespectable record Actually, his suspension from meetings during this coming August was ordered because he would not conduct himself properly at council meetings in July. Mays sued the city, arguing that he had his rights and ought to be able to carry out his elected responsibilities at meetings.

Eric Mays Salary And Net Worth

It is impossible to estimate the net worth and salary of Eric Mays. The various legal problems Eric Mays has faced have put him into debt. For legal expenses, he has raised more than US $ 15,000 on his GoFundMe page for support from all over the country and in Flint itself.

Eric Mays Wife

Eric Mays is married to Megan Ritchie. Their wedding is slated for April 30, next year. However, in spite of his unortodox image on the field and with the media, Mays has always kept his personal life to himself.

What Happened To Eric Mays? Eric Mays Controversy

For his visual interest, ties with political friends and enemies alike and dramatic or hysterical moments caught on video for everyone to see, Mays would have been the subject of many a news item. Outside of the council meetings in 2013, Mays was found next to a broken-down car on the wrong side of a freeway. In June this year he has been sentenced after being arrested for drunk driving several times before (in 2016 and again early this year).

After an April 25, 2022 Flint City Council meeting at which he was carried away on a stretcher by police after being tasered twice, Mays pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in March and received probation of six months and fines of US $ 150.

Eric Mays Shirt

All sorts of t-shirts are sold with him or phrases connected to him printed on them. The shirts are available on sites such as Etsy, EricMaysTshirts, Redbubble and Carbon Black DC. These shirts ‘accessibility is a testament to the influence of Mays’ image, and his public presence.


Who is Eric Mays?

Eric Mays is a First Ward councilman on the Flint City Council in Michigan.

When is Eric Mays Birthday?

Eric Mays was born on 16 September 1958.

What’s Eric Mays in Jail For?

Mays has also gotten involved in legal battles, including suing city officials and the police.

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